Store Storage

Keep forgetting to take those coupons or return receipts to the store with you?

File retail coupons, gift cards, discount cards and return receipts (by name) in a Small A-Z, 13-Tab Expanding Pocket Storage Envelope. Keep handy in the glove compartment. Check expired dates and purge monthly.



Closet Makeover

Need a quick closet makeover?

Try these tips: Donate or toss items not worn in the last 12-15 months. Use the same type and color hangers. Separate clothing into sections by season. Group like-clothing and shoes together by type and color. Return borrowed items. Store winter accessories in right sized, labeled containers near outerwear.


Organizing Upward

Running out of floor space?

Normally when we think of Organizing it’s downward on counters or floors. However, when we run out of floor and counter space we can “Organize Upward” using wall space. Today, there are many products on the market that allow us to utilize vertical space without sacrificing function or style. Try these tips: Mount a pocket magazine or cookbook holder or free floating shelf on the wall. They’ll free up counter top and floor space and add color and flair to your walls.


Good Key Habits

Are these your Keys? No one misplaces their keys anymore…right?

Wrong! It happens to all of us at one time or another.

Try these tips: Determine the best one place that will be the most accessible for your keys. How about on a decorative hook or in a basket on a small table near the door, in your purse or briefcase, with your wallet or on a charging station with your cell phone? Wherever you’ll remember them, place your keys in the same location each time you arrive home. When you’re ready to leave…They’ll be right there!


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