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Thank you so much for getting me off to a great start.  I look forward to you helping me get back on track!

~ V.B. - Physician

Wow Linda,

I love you and my craft closet!  Everything is labeled so nicely!  It looks great!

~ V.B. - Physician

Miss Linda,

You have worked so hard to help me with my home, and I am so grateful!!!!
Thank you again for all of your kindness, sweetness, and for all of your help. It has been such a pleasure to work with you!!!!

Much love and many blessings!

~ E.W. Homemaker

Dear Miss Linda,

I wanted you to start your day with a smile, by saying thank you for all of your kindness, laughter, and all of your help over the past few weeks. I am so thrilled to have our home clean and organized, and we are blessed to have such a wonderful person to help make that happen. I'm in “Completely Organized” awe!!!!! I love it...thanks a million for all that you do and all that you are… a true blessing!

~ E.W. Homemaker

Linda, You certainly helped me the time you came to my home.   I now understand the basic concepts of Organizing and have made some significant improvements. 
You are a wonderful person and I would recommend you to anyone.

~ R.K. – Postmaster

Please describe the services performed:

The Professional Organizer, Linda Radford, worked with my mother to develop organizing systems for her closet and office space at home that could be easily maintained.  She also helped physically to clean out and organize those areas. 

How did it go overall?  Tell us the story:

Linda came on time to first do a consultation with my mother to meet her, review the space, and find out what the pain points are and the ideal situation.  She was very clear about price and also worked with us ahead of time on that when adding more services or hours.  Two dates were set to work on the spaces.  Everything she said she would do was done! 

The spaces, now 6 months from the date, are still maintained in an organized way. 
My mother has kept her closet clean and loves the new system.  She also learned tips from Linda for doing other spaces on her own.  Linda brought organization containers and other tools that helped make the space more useable without spending a lot of extra money. 

She was easy to work with, very professional, and provided a service that will continue to benefit.  I would use her company again. 

~ C.S. Productivity Manager

Linda was so professional and had so many helpful ideas for me regarding how to consolidate my piles! And above all else, she such a kind and fun person!

~ M.E.-Mother & Student

Thanks so much! The support you provided through your services has truly helped us as a family to renew and redirect our energies as needed. 

~ S.D – LISW, Mother

“…I have never called another organizer, you spoiled me.  You were such a great person to be around…so accepting and loving…Thank you!”

  ~  J.D. -Retired Homemaker


 “Your organizational techniques saved me time and money. Before, I had so many of the same types of products. Now, I know where my health and beauty aids are, and I can quickly find them without having to buy more...

Also, it used to take me 2-3 days to clean my house and now since everything has a place it only takes me a few hours. I find joy in organizing my home with the knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you Linda for helping to make my life more organized, I will be forever grateful”

 B.B. -Dental Hygienist


Linda is also in the process of helping me delve through 30 years of unorganized living in my home. I’ve worked with her before in other business situations and she has always amazed me with her ability to plan, organize and accomplish, while making it look so effortless.

I appreciate Linda’s professionalism; she comes prepared and helps me to make the most of my scheduled appointment. She has the ability to be kindly honest and to make practical suggestions, while remaining sensitive to what I’m ready to deal with-and that means a lot.”

D.M. -Licensed Massage Therapist/Owner


“It was a joy to work with my consultant Linda; we tackled the task of organizing our family linen closet. After sorting, purging, classifying, and storing, we now have a new revelation about responsibility and stewardship …

My family and I are responsible for putting items back into the proper storage baskets. If the label on the basket does not match the item in our hand, we must find the correct place for it. We realize now that disorganization led to overspending on items we already had, we just didn't know it because of all the clutter. We are committed to staying organized, therefore we are better stewards of what we have been entrusted with.”

~ A.J. -Day Care Provider, Wife & Mother



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