We understand the desire for your home to be a peaceful haven, a place to enjoy family and welcome friends.  That’s why we work with you to de-clutter and organize your frequently used areas and rooms such as tables and counter tops, closets, family room, kitchen, garage, kid’s rooms and home office- just the way you like it! Our proven techniques for sorting and storing along with expert advice on interior decorating will transform your space from drab to fab! 


Home Organizing Proposal

Unlike those TV shows, where the participants home is Organized in 30 minutes; we’ll review realistic time estimates of how long it can take and how little it will cost to Invest in Organizing your space. After our initial phone conversation, our Professional Organizer will gladly meet you at your home for the Home Organizing Proposal. We’ll view your space, discuss the scope of your Organizing challenges and offer written proposed solutions and Organizing investments (cost) based on realistic time estimates.

A Home Organizing Proposal visit is 1 to 1.5 hours


Power Assessment

This is a “Powerful” written Step by Step Plan of Action for either the (OIY) “Organize-It-Yourself Client, or the (OIW) Organize-It-With Our Help Client”

The Power Assessment is the next step towards “Empowering” you to reach your Organizing goals. This needs assessment was designed for either the “Organize-It-Yourself Client or the Organize-It-With Our Help Client to improve your space.

When you tell us how you live, work and play, we’ll listen to your ideas and concerns, tour your space, discuss root causes of disorganization and provide you with a detailed, written evaluation and action plan tailored to meet your unique Home Organizing needs.  The action plan includes step by step instructions, a list of resources, suggested supplies and solutions for Completely Organizing your space. 

A Power Assessment visit is 1.5 to 2 hours

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Home Organizing Session

We can help you save time, money and energy and create the peaceful haven you desire in just one room or your entire living space including closets, kitchens, home offices, family rooms, kids’ rooms, and garages  

While many people feel embarrassed about their space, we want you to feel comfortable in your home, so we focus on you, not the clutter and creating a non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages you to relax and have fun.  Our hands-on Organizing sessions allow us to make the most of our time together.  We’ll de-clutter and maximize your space, and share proven principles, techniques and solutions that foster change.  The end result will be an aesthetically pleasing and functional living space, filled with the things that you use and love.   

Home Organizing Sessions are a minimum of 3 hours per visit


Power Track Session

Do you have an Organizing project that you’ve already started but it has derailed? 

Let our skilled professionals help you get it back on track! We combine our 2 hour “Power Assessment + 3 hour “Organizing Session” to get you re-energized and your project moving forward again. In our “Power Track Session, we’ll start with where you left off or from scratch.  No matter the space or    project, we’ll patiently steer you in the right direction so you can reach your final destination….Organized!              

Power Track Sessions are 5 hours with the flexibility of adding additional hours if needed. 


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Time Management Session

We’ve all said these things at one time or another… “I just don’t know where the time went”.  ”Too much to do and too little time”!  “I’m busy but nothing seems to ever get done”!  I just got another late fee!  “Should I use a paper or electronic planner? How do I get rid of all these Post-It ™ Notes?  

Using proven techniques, you’ll be able to - prioritize what’s most important , map out your day so you can get more done in less time,  find the best planning tools,  get rid of all those small notes , declutter your in-box, pay bills on time, complete tasks and reclaim your time and energy. 


Virtual Organizing

Not located in the Tri-State area or have a limited budget for getting Organized but still want to experience our Organizing Services?

Let us tour your space by viewing your mailed or on-line digital photos or video and provide a consultative written space by space assessment and action plan.   And as always we’ll follow-up to ensure that your in-place systems are working for you. 


“In Working Order” Session 


We offer maintenance plans and ongoing support for your completed Organizing Projects to ensure that everything stays “In Working Order”. 

Once your Home Organizing project has met your satisfaction, we can return for Periodic Scheduled Maintenance SessionsYou may have had a lifestyle change or just want to simplify further.  Together, we’ll evaluate whether the systems are “In Working Order and make any necessary tweaks to ensure that you’re on track with your goals.


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Speaking Engagements  

Need a motivational speaker for your group?  Completely Organized is committed to offering the Hope to others-that they can “Finally be Organized, and Finally be Free!  Attend one of our sessions to also experience the latest Organizing Tips, Tools and Resources.    Our Topics include: “Organizing 101 and Empowered to Organize” and more.   Also, if you have a particular group that you would like for us to address or an Space management topic that you would like for us to expound upon, we more than welcome the opportunity.    For more information contact us @ (513) 520-2023


Gift Certificates

Give the “ Gift of Organization”  to someone you know and love who wants to be Organized.

Organization and Time Management are precious gifts and what better way to show someone you care.  Order your Gift Certificates Today!

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Don’t see what you need listed?  No problem - contact us and we will customize a plan to fit your unique Organizing needs.