Wedding Day Emergency?

The best way to handle the unexpected is to be prepared, so don’t forget your Wedding Day Emergency Kit!
Consider including these items in your kit: prescription meds, breath mints, extra hair accessories, manicure and sewing kits, sanitary needs, stain remover, static guard and umbrella.  Trial sizes will suffice and can be purchased at your local discount store.  Check with your Wedding Coordinators, they’re sure to have a full list of suggested items and kits of their own…just in case!


Picture This

Don’t skimp on Photography for your special event. Over the years, we’ve seen far too many people budget too low for photography. We’ve even seen the photographer miss the entire event (after they have your deposit of course). The event goes so fast and the only way to capture and replay all those precious memories is on video or in photographs. Hire a professional photography team and as with any vendor, ask for references and portfolios and carefully review all contract details. Also, don’t forget those disposable cameras so your guests can get in on the fun!


Thank You!

Ok, it’s s a wrap. The event is over. Now what do you do? Saying “Thank You” in any language is always in order after any event, so remember to send a brief note card with return address as soon as possible. Plan ahead: Start a diary of notations about the event then compile a complete list of all attendees and participants including special guests, vendors and facility personnel. No matter how brief, the sincerity expressed in your handwritten note card will be cherished for years to come.

Invest in your Event

Whether its’ a Wedding, Conference or Business Meeting. Hire a Professional Planner to help you set up an agenda, organize your event and reach your Goals. In the long run you’ll save time, money and reserve your energy for your clients and/or guests.


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