Can a Professional Organizer also be an Event Coordinator?

Absolutely, Professional Organizers are those dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives.   Studies show that those who are more Organized save time, money and have reduced levels of stress and frustration.   Drawing upon the diverseness of their skills, Professional Organizers also work as Event Planners and Meeting Managers.  They can plan, organize and arrange as little or as much of an event as needed

Why hire an Event Coordinator? 

The responsibility of planning an event can be overwhelming to someone who has no experience, eye for detail or time.  When you hire a professional coordinator, you’re buying confidence that you will benefit from their experience    

What does your Services consist of? 

At Completely Organized Events, our Planning and Coordination consists of defining the purpose of, and setting an agenda and timeframe for your event as well as monitoring and coordinating dates, registrations, speakers, venues and vendors

What types of Events can you help me with?

In addition to Weddings, we can also plan and organize an Anniversary, Baby Shower, Birthday, Conference, Dinner Party, Graduation Party, Honeymoon Suite, Housewarming, Meeting, Grand Opening, Open House, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Retirement, Wedding Day, Wedding Shower and more…

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How can Event Planning Services benefit me?

  • Provide professional coordination services for weddings, conferences and meetings
  • Personal Expert through entire planning process with broad knowledge and experience in the Industry
  • Saves Client both time and money by helping to come up with an event plan that is tailored to fit both budget and preferences


Are you Certified?  

Yes.  There are only a few hundred NAPO members in US who are Certified.  I am a one (1) of only two (2) Certified Professional Organizers (CPO®) in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area.  A CPO® has met specific industry standards including an extensive exam and a minimum of 1500 Client Organizing hours and skill transference.  Having the CPO® designation also maximizes the value that you receive from the products and services that we provide.   www.certifiedprofessionalorganizer.org    
Disclaimer: We make no claims to being Certified or Registered Wedding or Event Consultants

Are you accountable to a National Organizing Association?

Yes, we are active regular and Golden Circle members of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a non-profit professional group that includes organizing consultants, speakers, trainers, authors, and manufactures of organizing products. We adhere to strict standards of professional conduct and professionalism as prescribed in the organizations Code of Ethics. www.napo.net

Are your services expensive? 

We encourage you to view the services provided by a Certified Professional Organizer and/or Event Manager as of Investment into yourself, event and/or space.    The time, money and energy you’ll save by working with Completely Organized to manage your event far out way the costs.   “Living your best life, and having a well planned event with family and friends…Priceless!”


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