Safe Keeping

Gather your Valuables, Keepsakes and Vital Records prior to the movers’ arrival. Store in a locked portable file carrier and/or safe and keep them with you at all times. When you arrive at you’re new home, you’ll know exactly where to find your most prized possessions and important documents.



Pack Your Bags!  

Why move empty luggage? Fill luggage or duffle bags with a few essentials such as clothing, paper goods, sheets, toiletries and towels. Your Move Management Team will unpack your belongings as quickly as possible, but it’s always good to have on hand what you may need right away. Are you all Packed and Ready to Go?


Make a List

Moving and downsizing can be stress full for all of us and the sooner we get started the smoother the transition will go. 3 months before the move, begin to make a list of what you will want to “keep, toss, giveaway, sell or donate”. You can even start the process of the latter four, then by the time the movers arrive you’ll only be left with the belongings you want to “keep”.




You’ve Moved!

There will be lots of family, friends and business associates who will need to know you’ve moved. Begin to compile a list of names with complete contact information including email addresses up to 2 month before the big day. Don’t forget to give the final list to your Move Managers so they can send out notifications of your new address. This will also make receiving mail much easier.


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