At Completely Organized Moves, we realize that planning and managing a move of any kind can be overwhelming and we’re here to help.  Our Move Management team minimizes the stress of downsizing and moving.  Let us coordinate, schedule, oversee and supervise your entire move!   


Move Planning and Management

Making that 1st phone call is always the hardest part.  Take a leap of faith and we’ll take it from there... Just sit back and relax and let us do all the work! 

  • Initial phone call to discuss your needs and concerns
  • On-Site Assessment and Consultation includes written proposal and cost estimate
  • Relocation Plan includes New Residence Floor Plan and Moving Timelines
  • Act as Project Manager and Point of Contact for Services


Are you transitioning to an adult community or staying in your own home?   

Whether you’re moving to an assistant living/ retirement community or planning to stay in your home, our Team of Certified Relocation Specialists (CRTS), Professional Organizers and Accredited Home Stagers provide the Service and Support needed to Streamline every kind of Home Transition.

Downsizing your Belongings

Not having moved in 30, 40 or more years can be overwhelming.  We ease the burden of moving by breaking larger projects into smaller tasks so you can feel less stressed and more in control.

Rightsizing your Home

any senior adults want to and can live independently with a little help.  We help you stay in the comfort of your own home (Age-in-Place) by providing assistance with Organizing, de-cluttering and functional redesign. We also offer referral resources so you can reside in a safe and efficient home environment.  

Are you a Caregiver?  Do you need help Transitioning a loved one to a New Space? 

At Completely Organized Moves, in additional to the emotional challenges, we also understand that the organization and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing such a move can be very overwhelming for you and you’re loved one.

For your comfort, a Move Manager will be onsite at all times to ensure that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect, their possessions are honored and every detail of the move is handled and completed to your satisfaction. 


Downsizing and moving can be a major undertaking.   Rest assured that all our hands are on deck as we move into action separating your moving project into smaller tasks…but don’t worry; we understand that you’re still totally in control! 

For your comfort, a Move Manager will be onsite at all times to ensure that you and/or your loved one is treated with dignity and respect,  all possessions are honored and every detail of the project is handled and completed to client satisfaction

Moving Out Package

  • Oversee and Manage Entire Move
  • Coordinate All Vendors, Contractors and Service Professionals involved in Moving process
  • Sort, Organize, Downsize, Pack and Tag Belongings
  • Manage the Disposition and Allocation of Possessions to Appropriate Parties
  • Arrange Transfer 0f Utilities, Document Shredding, and Disposal of Household Waste
  • Communicate Address Change to Friends, Family and Businesses
  • Coordinate Transportation of Client and Pets
  • Offer Discounts for Moving Materials, Supplies and Waste Removal


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Moving-In /Re-Settling

Ensuring a smooth transition to your new home, we’ll give attention to the smallest of details, and make your new space feel like home from day one.

It’s time to settle in for the night.  Imaging not having to make your bed, hang pictures, put clothes in closets or dishes in cabinets. We do all the little extras that let you know “You’re Home”  

Moving-In /Re-Settling Package

  • Set- up new Residence
  • Unpack and Organize Belongings
  • Provide Familiar Furniture and Accessory Placement
  • Set-up Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and Closets.
  • Add Finishing Decorative Touches to Client satisfaction


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Moving-On (Employee Transfers)


Whether you’re moving in or out of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, South Eastern Indiana or beyond, we can help make your move stress-free.  Come home to your belonging unpacked and in place!

Once you arrive in your new home, our “Welcome Home Team” will carefully unpack & strategically arrange & organize your belongings. We will even use your accessories to add finishing touches. 

  • Coordinate cleaning crew
  • Utility Transfers and Address Changes
  • Unpack and Professional Organizing Services (full service and from flat surfaces)
  • Organize belongings in each room including closets and cabinets
  • Furniture and Accessory Placement
  • Set-up Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen and Closets
  • Add Finishing Decorative Touches to Client satisfaction


Don’t see the relocation services you need? Just ask and we’ll tailor a package to fit your needs! 

Home Sale Assistance/Home Staging

We want your current home to shows at it’s’ best and sell in the shortest amount of time, for the greatest possible price …

Do you need help preparing your home for sale?  Our Accredited Home Stagers will create a Great 1st Impression so potential buyers can envision themselves living there  

Using proven techniques that bring dramatic, visible results, we’ll work within your time frame and budget to do as much or as little Home Staging as you would like.  We want to help your home sell as quickly for possible and for the best price.   

Home Sale Assistance/Home Staging Package

  • Consultation: Room by Room Written Home Staging Plan of Action
  • Estimate/Proposal for Partial or Full Home Staging
  • Cleaning of Current Residence
  • Provide Hands-on Home Staging Services for Sale of Current Residence


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Age-In-Place/Home Modification

Have you chosen to age in your own home, rather than move to a continuing care retirement community?  We can help you safely “Age-In-Place” while maintaining your independence in an uncluttered, efficient space. 

Age-In-Place Package

  • Conduct Safety Assessments
  • Refer & Interview Vendors for Barrier-Free Living and Universal Design
  • Provide Organization and Planning to help scale down the Home
  • Manage the Disposition and Allocation of Possessions to Family, Sale, Charity and Disposal
  • Strategic Furniture Placement and Rightsizing
  • Help you keep what you use and love


Did you know that "among older adults living independently, approximately 75% of falls occur at home? 

"Fall Hazards” within seniors' homes cause as many as two-thirds of these falls. These hazards include:

  • Clutter
  • Slippery floors
  • Throw rugs or electrical or telephone cords on floors
  • Holes or bumps in carpets
  • Poor lighting and a lack of nightlights in rooms
  • A lack of "grab bars" near the toilet or bath or banisters on stairs
  • Toilet seats or storage areas that are too high or two low."


We help you safely “right-size” your current home and life for today’s needs…

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    Marketing Directors  

Do you need assistance securing and retaining new residents?

Marketing Directors as well as new and prospective residents and their families now have an opportunity to connect with a Caring Team of Professionals who can assist with both the Physical and Emotional demands of Moving

At Completely Organized Moves, we exist to help the client and they’re families understand that Relocation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. They can rest in knowing that transitioning from their home to your living community along with the selling of their current residence can be seamless.

Also, as the first point of contact for many seniors in transition, we can help you secure and retain residents and professionally represent your living community in the marketplace. 


Speaking Engagements    

Need a motivational speaker for potential clients, caregivers or staff?  Completely Organized Moves is committed to helping Seniors, Caregivers, Employees, and Housing Administrators ease the burden of downsizing and moving.   Attend one of our sessions to learn how we can help. 
Our Topics include: “Smooth Transitions, Right Sized Living, and Home Staging to Sell”.  Also, if you have a particular group that you would like for us to address or a topic that you would like for us to expound upon, we more than welcome the opportunity.   For more information contact us

Gift Certificates

Give the “ Gift of “Right Sized Living”  to someone you know and love who is Transitioning their space

Stress Free Moving, Organization and Home Staging are precious gifts and what better way to show someone whose Transitioning that you care.

Order your Gift Certificate(s) Today!

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Don’t see what you need listed?  No problem - contact us and we will customize a plan to fit your unique Organizing needs.