Need help managing incoming mail? 

Stop it before it starts by opting out! The term opt-out refers how to avoid receiving unsolicited product or service information as with direct marketing campaigns such as telemarketing, e-mail marketing, or direct mail.

To Opt-Out visit: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt063.shtm

Also, cancel other unwanted mailings i.e. magazine subscriptions, grocery and retail store flyers…Less piles = more smiles.


“People who multitask are actually less efficient than those who focus on one project at a time."

Why? Because managing two mental tasks at once reduces the brainpower available for either task."

The process of switching back immediately to a task you've just performed, as many multi-taskers try to do, takes longer than switching after a bit more time has passed...

Solution: Wait several seconds or longer before switching tasks because the obstacles imposed by that shutting-off process are reduced. 

Managing E-mail

To limit receiving unwanted emails, try these tips:
  • Use a spam blocker or e-mail filter (check with your email/internet provider)
  • Cancel unused e-mail solicitations by “unsubscribing” and remove yourself from web based directories
  • When emailing use the “Undisclosed Recipients” option to limit who sees others email addresses
  • Refrain from signing up for discount offers in exchange for your email address
  • Opening or responding to “spam” makes the sender think you’re interested in their offer


Completing Tasks

Do you have lots of small reminder notes but the tasks are still not getting done? 

Whether you’re using a paper or electronic planner, unscheduled tasks are less like to be started or completed. 

Solution: Break-up daily tasks into smaller “to do” bites and schedule a specific day and time on your calendar to get them done.  In addition to “to do” add “to buy, to go and to call”.  Whatever you didn’t complete today, move it to another scheduled date and time.   Just think of how good you’ll feel to check off those tasks when they’re completed.


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