Completely Organized has successfully Organized countless Homes and Offices and provided Moving/Relocation, Property Staging and Event Coordination Services to a diverse group of clientele.   


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Our History

Welcome to Completely Organized Enterprises, LLC.  We provide practical Organizing solutions for your Home, Business, and Life.

It all started with one phone call…

In 2003 while working a corporate job, the company’s owner received a phone call that would change her life and career forever.  The message was that of a dear friend asking for assistance with Organizing her home and garage.    Excited to hear the request, she quickly researched and found a growing vocation that would allow her to bring together the two things she loved...People and Organizing!

What that 1st client had to say about the company’s owner says it all…

“Linda is in the process of helping me delve through 30 years of unorganized living in my home. I’ve worked with her before in other business situations and she has always amazed me with her ability to plan, organize and accomplish, while making it look so effortless.

I appreciate Linda’s professionalism; she comes prepared and helps me to make the most of my scheduled appointment. She has the ability to be kindly honest and to make practical suggestions, while remaining sensitive to what I’m ready to deal with-and that means a lot.”

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Principal Bio

Linda Radford is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), and Principal of Completely Organized Enterprises, LLC. Her company provides Expert Organizing, Home Staging, Move Management and Event Planning Services to Homeowners and Businesses.  Service areas include Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and South Eastern Indiana.   

While known for her passion for organizing and attention to detail, Linda most enjoys the one on one time she spends with each client, providing the encouragement and practical organizing solutions they need to improve their life and space. She strives for excellence in her work, and is committed to exceeding her clients’ expectations. 

Linda states “although others say that “I am a natural” when it comes to organizing, in order to better assist my clients; I continue to look for new ways to improve my skills”. She successfully completed the “Organizing from the Inside Out Training Course” taught by the Organizing industry’s gold standard and New York Times Best Selling Author, Julie Morgenstern.  Linda also participated in an Organizing project with Julie and her team that aired on NBC’s- Dr. Phil Show.  www.juliemorgenstern.com

In addition to being a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), Linda is also an Accredited Home Staging Master (ASPM®), Certified Transition and Relocation Specialist (CRTS™) and continues to enhance her natural Organizing abilities with industry related professional certifications and trainings.

She is also a Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and adheres to their code of ethics. Her administrative background and experience in Client Services, Quality Control, Product and Personnel Services and studies in Business and Communications provides a solid foundation for her work as a “Professional Organizer”. Linda also enjoys volunteering in her community and city, adventure travel, the performing arts, and spending time with a supportive circle of family and friends. She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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Our Mission

Our Mission is “to recognize the true value of people and understand their Organizing needs and expectations while maintaining the highest degree of excellence and customer satisfaction – Everyday.  

What makes us Unique?

Completely Organized Enterprises, LLC is the only Full-Service Professional Organizing Company
in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area that offers a comprehensive line of services to assist in all our Clients’ Organizing needs.

Our hands-on, holistic approach to Organizing is client-centered and non-judgmental. Together,
we bring a renewed sense of freedom and peace to our clients’ life, space & event and move their organizing project from concept to completion. 

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Our Philosophy

Our Company’s theme, Hope for your home, business and life”, was born out of a desire to see others realize their dream of finding life’s balance in how they live, work and play.

Why “Hope”?  Because, we realize that Hope anticipates a change of circumstance for the better.   It can be defined as “The desire for something good and the expectation of receiving it”.  That’s why we’re committed to giving our clients the Hope and Encouragement they need to reach their Organizing goals. 

Our Belief:

We believe that Organizing is a skill that everyone can learn and that being organized releases creativity and frees one to do what they do best. We save our clients time, money and energy and we don’t just help others to “get Organized”, we also help them “stay Organized”.   

Our Company Pledge:

Confidentiality:  We pledge to hold our clients’ information in the strictest of confidence and are Bonded and Insured for their protection. 

Integrity:  We pledge to practice firm, foundational, moral and ethical principles that are free from discrimination against age, race, gender or social and economical status. 

Honesty:  We pledge to be honest in all business and client dealings with openness and refreshing candor. 

Respect:  We pledge to value, appreciate, and show high regard for our clients, vendors and community by acknowledging and esteeming others higher than ourselves.

Excellence: We pledge to aim for measureable desired outcomes through outstanding services that seek to benefit our clients, community and company. 


~ Organizing the World, One Person at a Time ~



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